Porkie Horne’s Sausages

Porkie Horne’s was the nickname of the butcher shop we took over in the 1980s. A very traditional and succulent sausage.

Pork, Leek and Apricot Sausages

Made with one of our home-made chutneys to give a real fruity kick to contrast the leeks, but they work well together.

Smokey Bacon Sausages

As with most of our main ingredients, the smoked bacon in this sausage is cured and smoked by ourselves. This gives it a mellow flavour that does not overpower the pork.

Pork, Red Orkney Cheese and Spicy Onion Chutney Sausages

It’s not just the title that’s a bit of a mouthful. This sausage won the cup for “Best Speciality Sausage” in Scotland in 2001. A rich, succulent, flavoured sausage that needs no extras.

Pork, Pear and Black Pudding Sausages

A nice blend of our black pudding with a pear chutney creates a unique succulent sausage.